About Biz Sellers

If you've landed on this "About Us" page, it's safe to say that you're interested in either buying an online store or selling your existing profitable business. In either case, you're absolutely in the right place! Whether you're buying or selling a business, we understand the challenges & risks involved! Get to know the team below and find out for yourself why choosing Biz Sellers is the right choice for you.

Kevin Hermansen


Kevin graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters Degree in accounting. He personally analyzes each and every business that we sell to make sure the buyer is getting top-dollar for their business and the seller is getting a business that is primed for success! Kevin primarily deals with bigger business deals (over $500k in projected sales value) but he personally vets all businesses in our marketplace.

Dave Hermansen


Dave made a name for himself in the world of eCommerce starting in 2003. Since that time, he has successfully built & managed over 100 eCommerce stores. Today, he owns & operates both eCommerce and brick & mortar businesses. He is the assistant broker over medium sized business deals (projected sale value of $100k-$500k). Get a free business valuation to find out what your business is worth.

Mike Hermansen


Mike joined Dave in 2005 and helped pilot several successful eCommerce training programs. He owns & operates several eCommerce stores to this day. He is primarily in charge of web development for Biz Sellers and is the assistant broker over small business deals (under $100k in projected sale value). If you have a small business you're looking to sell, reach out to us to get more info.

Who Are the Biz Sellers?

It was the Spring of 2003 when Dave got his start in eCommerce. At first, nothing came easy. But after several failed attempts, he struck gold with a little business called Everything Birds. In its first full year of operation, the business turned a net profit just North of $100k! Kevin & Mike saw the success that Dave was having and decided to join the eCommerce game as well. Within a short period of time, the three of us had built (and sold) several eCommerce stores and began to make a name for ourselves in the eCommerce world!

Because of our success, we gained a significant amount of exposure from the likes of The New York Times and Fox Business News. Before long, our inboxes were inundated with requests from folks interested in building their own eCommerce stores but didn't know where to start. We decided to launch our own eCommerce training course called Store Coach.

As Store Coach grew and became a strong community of eCommerce entrepreneurs, folks starting asking us how to offload their eCommerce stores for top dollar. Up to this point, we had always sold our websites through another online marketplace. But one day we had an idea... why not try selling our stores, along with stores owned by members of our community, to our newsletter subscribers? The next opportunity that arose we gave it a shot and boom... within just a few days the website was sold, and for a much higher multiplier than we had ever received through the third-party marketplace!

In 2015, our business marketplace became a staple service that we offered. In the Fall of 2023 we decided to move it onto its own site and make it a stand-alone service rather than having it be mixed in with the other services that Store Coach offers. That is how Biz Sellers was born.

Top Business Listings

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~2 Y/O UK eCommerce Store Selling High-AOV Patio/Yard/Garden Products - £11.3k Profit/Mo

This 2-year-old primarily dropship eCommerce store has just about everything going for it that you could ask for... Everything is trending up... rankings, traffic, revenue, profits, return customer rate, conversion rate, yo...

Asking Price £ 515,000

Monthly Revenue £ 66,206

Monthly Net Profit £ 11,828

Monthly Multiplier 42x (i.e. 3.5 Years) + £18k of Inventory

Established Aug 2022 (about 2 years old)

Sale Pending View Listing ›

7.5 Y/O eCommerce Store Selling Its Own Brand of a Sporting Goods Accessory - $4k Profit/Mo

Up for sale is a 7.5-year-old private label eCommerce store that sells its own unique brand of a sporting goods accessory. The two founders/owners of the business (who are both engineers and sports enthusiasts) have designed...

Asking Price $210,000

Monthly Revenue $7,965

Monthly Net Profit $3,965

Monthly Multiplier 40x + Inventory (at Cost)

Established Fall 2015

For Sale View Listing ›

3 Crumbl Cookie Stores + 2 Additional Areas in California (Orange County)

Up for sale are 3 Crumbl cookie stores in Orange County California + the rights to 2 additional nearby areas where 2 more Crumbl stores can be built. Once all 5 stores are built and opened, the entire coastal stretch from Lo...

Asking Price $6,500,000

Monthly Revenue $167,601

Monthly Net Profit $31,993

Monthly Multiplier See listing

Established Jul 2022

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6+ Y/O Outdoor Power Gear Dropship eCommerce Store - $11.6k Profit/Mo

Up for sale is a 6+ year-old dropship eCommerce store that sells USA-brand products to a very specific niche of customers. (The domain name and niche will be disclosed after you sign the NDA.) Over the past year, the store h...

Asking Price $420,000

Monthly Revenue $100,852

Monthly Net Profit $11,636

Monthly Multiplier 36x

Established Jul 2017